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Cat & Darcy

Cat & Darcy

27 Sep 2018

What a show season it’s been for Cat Neil and her horse SLM Mercedes - aka Mr Darcy!  Since winning the prestigious Garryowen last year at the Royal Melbourne Show, they have had a series of successes including being awarded ‘Off The Track Show Horse of the Year’ during August, at the Equestrian Victoria Awards Night. This weekend signals the start of the 2018/2019 show season, with events at the Royal Melbourne Show, so keep an eye out in in the main arena!

As sponsors of Cat and Mr Darcy, the Changeworks team was delighted to discover research conducted and compiled by Josefin Fransson entitled ‘Leadership Skills Developed Through Horse Experiences, and Their Usefulness for Business Leaders’. 

The article was written in 2015, while Fransson was studying at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He suggests that experiences with horses may help individuals to develop leadership skills.  Fransson even suggests that our business leaders of the future may be those who come with equestrian backgrounds! However, we discover here that in fact numerous studies have been conducted proving a correlation between leadership and horsemanship. It’s worth a read!